Sunday, August 02, 2009

Alamak!!...Aksi Lawak Bodoh Astro 104

ALAMAK is a brand new and exciting half an hour comedy sketch and spoof show which will be aired on ASTRO RIA in 2009
every WEDNESDAY, 9.30PM, ( CHANNEL 104 ).

Produced by RITZ CHANNEL Sdn Bhd, ALAMAK is directed by Woo Ming Jin ( award winning independant film maker ) and also Zaid Dato' Zahari ( as co - director / producer / writer / actor ). It has about 15 sketches per episode, and 13 episodes altogether. The segments include : Classic malay Films, Hollywood characters, Mamak & Cafe Jokes, Scenes in Clinics, Barber shop Comedy, Funny stories at home, Office Comedy, Film Audition Sketches, Superhero interview, Cowboy & Red Indian Spoofs, Detective Sketches, etc

Actors are : Zaid Zahari (Main), Jeff Omar, Badrolshah, Sham Sunder Binwani, John Wayne, Anita.

Guest celebrities : Elie Suriaty, Radhi Khalid, Azura Zainal and Pian

ALAMAK akan ditayangkan bermula di ASTRO RIA ( CHANNEL 104 )., 9.30 malam setiap RABU.

Rancangan ALAMAK merupakan sebuah sketsa komedi. Ia diarah oleh Zaid Dato' Zahari ( juga produser / pelakon utama ) dan Woo Min Jin. Didalam setiap episod, terdapat 15 sketsa komedi pendek dan terdapat 13 episod kesemuanya. Rancangan ini diterbitkan oleh RITZ CHANNEL Sdn Bhd dan dibintangi oleh Zaid Dato' Zahari, Jeff Omar, Badrul Shah, Sham, Sunder Binwani, John Wayne, dan Anita.

Pelakon undangan terdiri daripada : Elie Suriaty, Radhi Khalid, Azura Zainal dan Pian.


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