Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Adobe Photoshop Cs 4

A new face for Photoshop
CS4 sports a new interface for Photoshop and Bridge. Called the Application Frame, the new Photoshop user interface combines:

* The ability to float, dock and group image windows together with a new Arrange Documents feature to help distribute the windows around the screen,
* A new Application Bar which integrates the features and functions of the title and control bars found in previous versions of Photoshop,
* A Screen Mode utility that can be used to individually control the display of documents on multiple monitors,
* New Adjustments and Masks panels, and
* A task based workflow approach to saving, displaying and using workspaces.

Enhanced Motion Graphics
CS4 increases the ease with which videographers are able to drag motion based images into Photoshop and provides them with more of the type of tools they need to work on these frames. Photoshop can now work more easily with non-square pixels, any audio associated with video footage, and it is also possible to animate 3d objects, camera position, render settings and even cross-sections.

Hancock Special Edition Tweaks:
> Editted Resources to make the Loading 75% Faster
> Removed 25 Langauges from EULA
> Removed Adobe Registration
> Removed Adobe Rem Dialog
> Removed RAM Scan on Start-up
>Modify'd ~RAM.dll To make it work faster on 1GB RAM users
> Made Portable
>Added All Regular Photoshop folders (Such as Brushes, Prests etc)
> Added SFX Installer
>If you downloaded any older version, or other portable versions, just remove Adobe_Epic folder in App\Photoshop folder ,
So you dont have to accept the License anymore


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