Sunday, September 13, 2009

Buat e-Book anda dengan NATATA eBook Compiler

Natata eBook Compiler is an powerful software that packs and compresses multiple files including HTML, CSS, WAV, TXT, GIF, JPG, MID, JavaScript, DHTML, Flash, PDF, etc and converts them into a single compact executable file which contains a small viewer that launches the selected start document in an e-book like interface. You can use it to compile e-books, offline web pages, HTML photo albums, presentations and more. The interface uses a step-by-step approach that guides you through the process of creating your compiled file.

Compact and Portable
You can distribute your eBooks in diskettes, cd-roms, via internet downloads or e-mail attachments. It doesn't require any installation on the user's PC.

Built-in Compression
eBook decompresses all content very fast.

Royalty Free
You can create unlimited products without having to pay royalties.

Security options
- Open your eBooks directly from the eBook file without temporal folders.
- Password protect your eBook with a fixed Password or use the Password Generator. New!
- Copyright protection: no right-button mouse, no copy / paste, no view code.

Events features
You can add personalized messages at start or/and when closing the eBook

Custom Splash screen
You can add a splash screen to your eBook. You can use any image you want and it can be any size you want.

Built-in functions New!
We have created some special functions to give you the power to interact with the application, for example to display popup messages, execute external application or files.

Expiry Options
You can make eBook that can expire after a specified number of days or after being opened a specified number of times.
You can create Shareware eBooks.

Customizable user interface
You'll be able to choose how your publication will look like.
- Toolbar fully configurable: search, print, back, next, about, exit.
- Full author information in the about box.

Command line parameters New!
Your eBooks can accept additional parameters to show a specific page when the eBook is opened.

CD Autorun File New!
Create the necessary files to make your CD-ROM drive launch the eBook automatically once the CD containing the eBook is inserted into the CD-ROM Drive.

Change eBook Icon New!
Now you can use any Icon for your eBook.

Save and open Projects
You don't have to re-type all your settings each time you want to create a new version of an E-Book. Simply save all your settings - and open your project at any time you wish.

And much more...

P/S: Kalau nak yang free pun ada:-


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