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Create Your Power Of Energy: 5 Ways to instant gratification

I am a big fan of instant gratification. As a practitioner, I encourage both and believe in the power of small and gradual changes, but I have not had any significant change in no time. It's in our nature to want to .. Wonder why we have to buy a lot of weight loss and lottery tickets. We want more than what we want and we want it now. In my practice I have found that this is mainly for energy. No one seems to have enough energy. Everyone wants to improve, do they increase the Great, and they wanted yesterday.

When I started graduate school, I was exhausted all the time. I used to waitress in my body not just familiar with my new schedule (stay up all night, slept in the day too late.) And I'm hanging in my classes. One day I went to GNC and ask for the strongest energy drink I could find.
I took a day before the class. I do not know what was in the drink, but drink within an hour I started to sweat, my heart is really bad, what is up so hard and I was very sick. I also started plenty of saliva. I feel like I could easily to 30 miles in the emergency room, though. Shortly after this experience I came to the gym, and after two weeks of work, I fell asleep again.

Point is, I know that the exercises that will increase my energy level. And I know he will not even last very long. But it will be longer than that drinks swallow terrible danger, so I my decision.

Against the long term takes time, but that does not mean that it is not some simple solutions that begin at our disposal. So I'm going to a few possibilities, a direct difference in your energy level to make.

1. I know that he repeatedly said, but the breakfast! What to eat high protein and low in fat, you will be much longer than carbohydrates. My energy still seems to remain high if I eat peanut butter for breakfast, but eat what works for you. I did a year ago, a piece of breakfast, I swear, it seems an almost magical powers. When I started drinking, got my energy, I would stay whole hours, and I lost weight in a week. It was everything: protein powder, designer whey, water and apples. The only reason why I do not drink every day that it requires a mixer, and I'm lazy. Resolution of the food in the blender seems too much work in the morning when I always run around. But try it yourself and see what you think!

2. Even if you are not thirsty, drink a glass of water when you wake up. If you have time, have to brew green tea is even better. Most of us are dehydrated, even though we do not know. The symptoms of dehydration begin to tire.

3. You can eat the healthiest diet in the world. However, take a multivitamin. It only takes a second and makes a big difference in how you feel. If you have money, try vitamin Nutrimetrix. They are by far the best vitamin I have ever done. I know a lot of energy when I take them. Unfortunately they are expensive, I think it is $ 60 for three months supply. They are worth every penny, but if you can not afford, take a registered pharmacy. Make sure to eat with them, so your body can be processed correctly.

4. Get your heart beat faster. You do not need the gym for an hour to go do this. In fact, if you pedal slowly on an elliptical machine for an hour, you can not do much. If you do not intend to get to the gym, stairs or quick visit with a few minutes of jumping. If you train in the gym, make sure you really are signs of resistance. You must have at least a little shortness of breath, sweating, feeling the heartbeat. This should be a little difficult to continue the conversation. If you are not breaking sweat, you have probably not working hard enough to build your energy level.

5. In the world of acupuncture, the fatigue comes from one of two causes: loss or stagnation. If you stagnate, your energy is blocked and not flowing freely. It's right there ... and you too. If the defect is a problem, you do not have enough energy to reach it. Acupuncture is a great way to build and power transmission. If you do not have time for today's meeting, there are some things that will generate your energy boost and make you.

One is at the top of the head. If a line from the tip of the ear to the top of the head is, a point GV20. The stimulation of this point causes the energy to go to his head, brings a sense of clarity.

to facilitate students in the habit of acupuncture, the needle on this issue in the review, store, found up to this little trick and prohibited. If you are looking for a point, you might feel a little, you feel a little thrill when you hit the right spot. Sometimes the place is a touch vague, and he feels more sensitive than the surroundings. When you press the point, press and massage for several minutes. Another thing that can be used is on foot. Indulge your hands resting just below the knee, with the index finger on the bottom of your kneecap. In this position, your pinky should be placed approximately three centimeters from the knee. Level Rose, is there a place about 1 / 2 inch lateral bone. Palpation around until you think it would be sensitive. It is the stomach 36, one of the acupuncture points of the most powerful body. Massage this point for several minutes to the energy flow.

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